A Tale of Two Virtualizations

In my previous post on Intel’s Clear Linux project, I had a few questions on how Intel got KVM move fast to match containers. Basically Clear Linux aims to bring hypervisors the first class citizen in container world.

Today I looked into another, yet similar technology called hyper. hyper establishes itself as hypervisor agnostic, high performing, and secure alternative to Docker and KVM. Love or hate it, hyper is able to run bother hypervisor and container in its own environment.

The architecture, as I peeked from the source, shares with Docker. A cli client interacts with a hyper daemon through REST. Daemon, by invoking QEMU and Docker engines, creates/destroys/deletes either VM or container. hyper understands Docker images (it uses Docker daemon API), QEMU (directly exec QEMU commands with well tuned configuration), Pod (appears similar with Kubernetes POD, except for the QEMU provisions).

hyper comes with hyperstart, a replacement to init(1), aiming for fast startup. To use hyperstart, you have to bake a initrd.

With these two similar initiatives of converging hypervisors and containers, I am now daydreaming of the near future when we don’t have to make trade-offs between VM and container in the single framework (KVM or Docker).

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