Data Volumes for Containers

The last part of the trilogy is a survey of the current-in-market storage technologies that supply data volumes for Containers.

In one of the previous posts, I listed innovations and technologies sparkled by the introduction of Docker’s volume plugins. A rough categorization of the technologies are as the following.

  • Enablement. Obviously most of those volume plugins fall into this category. They connect various storage backend (Glusterfs, Ceph RBD, NAS, Cloud Storage, etc) to Containers’ mount namespace so Containers can store and retrieve data from these backends.
  • Data Protection. Some technologies enable data protection (backup, snapshot, and replication), a core storage function. I have yet to spot any innovation beyond the traditional data protection though.
  • Mobility. Some technologies assist containers’ mobility. Containers can relocate to new homes and find data right there. I am not so certain all these technologies work flawlessly though.
  • Provisioning. Rexray’s blog did a better job than I.
  • Multi-tenancy. Some claim they support,  such as BlockBridge. A demo video is available (thanks for Ilya’s information), it appears a block storage is created based on tenant’s credentials.
  • Security (or something like that). Is that omission my fault?
  • Performance. Any innovation out there that clip up Containers’ performance?
  • Isolation. Any innovation out there to keep noisy neighbors quiet?

In Kubernetes, volume drivers live in a similar dimension. We have achieved significant progress. We support many on-premise and Cloud Storage kinds. The list keeps growing. We are addressing issues that Containers users and infrastructure administrators care such as provisioning, security, multi-tenancy, etc. These technologies can help different Container Engine deployment (Docker, rkt, hyper, etc).

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  1. Hi Huamin.
    This is Ilya @ Blockbridge. Thanks for mentioning us. We are indeed a secure multi-tenant software storage stack. I would be glad to setup a technical only call/introduction if you are interested.

    Best regards,

    P.S. also a fully functional simulator of our software is available on Docker hub:

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