Run Kubernetes End-to-end Volume On CentOS

With a couple of fixes, Kubernetes can run volume e2e tests on a local CentOS cluster.

On Fedora/CentOS/RHEL, after git clone of latest Kubernetes source:

Start up a local cluster 

[code language=”bash”]

Run Volume e2e tests

[code language=”bash”]

That is!

The volume e2e tests consists of testing volume plugins (NFS, Glusterfs, iSCSI, CephFS, Ceph RBD, OpenStack Cinder). Each test will create a containerized server, a client Pod that has a mount path uses the Volume type. The client expects to see a pre-created HTML file on the server. The Persistent Volumes test creates a NFS server, a Persistent Volume (PV) using the NFS backstore and recycle policy, and Persistent Volume Claim (PVC) that is able to bind to the NFS PV. After the PVC is bound, it is immediately deleted, the NFS PV is recycled, deleting all the content on it.


More tests cases are welcome!

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