Run Single Node Kubernetes Cluster on OpenStack

Running Kubernetes on OpenStack is surprisingly lacking simple HOWTOs. So I just cook one.

While there is a in Kubernetes that can (supposedly) spin up a Kubernetes cluster on OpenStack, I find the easiest and quickest way is to use in Kubernetes source tree.

First, spin up a Nova instance on OpenStack and make sure docker, golang, etcd, openssl are installed.

Then following the instruction from OpenStack to get the RC file:

“Download and source the OpenStack RC file

  1. Log in to the dashboard and from the drop-down list select the project for which you want to download the OpenStack RC file.

  2. On the Project tab, open the Compute tab and click Access & Security.

  3. On the API Access tab, click Download OpenStack RC File and save the file. The filename will be of the form where PROJECT is the name of the project for which you downloaded the file.

  4. Copy the file to the computer from which you want to run OpenStack commands. “

Use the OpenStack RC and create your OpenStack cloud config for Kubernetes using the following format

[code language=”bash”]

# cat /etc/cloud.conf
auth-url =
username =
password =
tenant-name =
region =

The clone the Kubernetes source tree and apply my patch from PR 25750 (if not merged yet)

Then you can spin up a local cluster under Kubernetes source tree using the following command:

[code language=”bash”]
# find Nova instance name and override hostname
ALLOW_PRIVILIGED=true CLOUD_PROVIDER=openstack CLOUD_CONFIG=/etc/cloud.conf HOSTNAME_OVERRIDE="rootfs-dev" hack/


Start Single Kubernetes Cluster on AWS EC2

[code lanaguage=”bash”]

# get a copy of kubernetes source

$ git clone; cd kubernetes

# put AWS access key id and secret in ~/.aws/credentials like the following
# ~/.aws/credentials
#aws_access_key_id = ……
#aws_secret_access_key = ….

# get the host name from EC2 management console and use host name as override
$ ALLOW_PRIVILEGED=true LOG_LEVEL=5 CLOUD_PROVIDER="aws" HOSTNAME_OVERRIDE="ip-172-18-14-238.ec2.internal" hack/