ContainerCon 2016: Random Notes

There are quite some good talks.


I wrote about hyper a while back. Now it is full fledged Hypernetes: run Docker image in VM, Neutron enabled, modified Cinder volume plugin. And it is Kubernetes outside! Folks at hyper did lots of hard work.

The talk itself got lots of attention. Dr. Zhang posted his slides. I must admit he did a good job walking through kubernetes in a very short time.

Open SDS

It is a well felt frustration across the industry that look-and-feel of multi-vendor storage is different and management frameworks (e.g. Cinder, Kubernetes and Mesos) have to take pain to abstract a common interface to deal with them.

Open SDS aims to end this by starting a cross vendor collaboration. It is interesting to see Huawei and Dell EMC were standing on the stage together.


I talked about the opportunities a converged QEMU and TCMU offers. Think about Cinder but without Nova to access storage. While there are efforts to make Cinder (and hypervisor storage) into bare metal and Container, QEMU+TCMU is probably one of the most promising framework.


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