Towards a Universal Storage Control Plane

As time flies, the goals for an universal storage control plane keep evolving.

  • libstoragemanagement is a SMI-S based framework. It supports C and Python binding.
  • OpenStack Cinder manages block storage on heterogeneous backends. It is mostly used for Virtual environment (Nova), although undercloud could also use some Cinder volumes.
  • OpenStack Fuxi is a young project with an ambitious goal of storage management for Containers, VMs, and bare metal machines.
  • Dell/EMC projects that are yet widely inter-operable.
  • Virtualized backend by presenting a virtualized block storage based on a well formatted image encoding or API. The control plane and data plane are blurred because they are specified by the image format or the API.
    • QCOW(2) from QEMU. Although it mostly targets VM storage, recent qemu-tcmu proposal and work make QEMU able to work with Container and bare metal as well.
    • VAAI from VMWare. VM only?
  • Container engines and orchestrators
    • Kubernetes and Docker Volumes support Cloud, virtualized, and NAS: AWS, GCE, OpenStack, Azure, vSphere, Ceph, Gluster, iSCSI, NFS, Fibre Channel, Quobyte, Flocker, etc.
    • Storage features such as provisioning, attach/detach, snapshot, quota, resize, protection are either implemented or in road map.

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